Henrique Oliveira: Room-Filling Amazement

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Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira creates masterful (some say evolutionary) sculptural installations from scrap, pliable wood collected from construction sites in his native city of São Paulo. The huge structures combine the disciplines of painting, sculpture, and architecture, with broken pieces of plywood set in layers like brushstrokes. (Above: Tapumes, Rice Gallery, Houston, 4.7 x 13.4 x 2m. Photo: Nash Baker)

Untitled (Brushstroke), Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, 11 x 3.5 x 1m

The artist constructed the piece on site, using a stapler to meticulously attach hundreds of thin strips of weathered, discarded wood to a hidden understructure. The wood, reminiscent of that once used to make light crates for fruits and vegetables, served as fencing at construction sites in Brazil. –Denver Post, on the Boulder exhibit (above)

Origin of the Third World, internal view, 2010, 29ª Bienal de São Paulo
, 4.9 x 45 x 5m

The installations…

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~ por Godoy em 19 nov 2014.

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